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(Late) Mr. Anil Nijhawan

Founder and chairman

You've chosen a path that leads to empowerment and career success. Congratulations! YOUR FUTURE IS HERE. IWP has been a harbinger of change, inspiring excellence with over 16 years of dedicated service in the domain of vocational education. As one of the premier centers of learning for women, we strive hard to create competitive professionals with industry oriented courses and learning modules. After all, having a successful career is empowering, and also, provides the freedom and confidence for women to achieve their dreams. So when you enter IWP, you can be assured that the sky is truly the limit for each one of you.

Vishal Nijhawan

Managing Director

Welcome to IWP! Welcome to YOUR FUTURE! For many years, International Women Polytechnic has been at the forefront of women’s education in India. The majority of students who graduate from IWP go on to forge a rewarding, satisfying and successful career. Now, it is time for you to join our exceptional alumni!

As a student at IWP, you will learn to develop professional skills that will help you achieve your potential and then go beyond. You will learn how to work with others and absorb their abilities. You will gain valuable experience and learn how to navigate the complicated professional landscape or start your own entrepreneurial endeavour.

Most importantly, you will understand how to be a strong, empowered young woman with a host of professionally applicable skills at your fingertips. I urge all of you to make the most of what IWP has to offer and truly become the magnificent and success-driven women that you have always had the potential to become!

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