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Teacher Education Programmes in India

There are many people in this country who aspire of becoming teachers. It is referred to as the most respected professions in society. They are also referred to as the deciding factor of the society because they are the ones who nurture the young minds with the social, educational and moral values. But to become a teacher, one has to pursue Teacher Education Programmes from a reputable institution. For such people, IWP provides the platform to make their dreams come true.

The teacher education is based on levels. There are separate and aligned courses for each type of teaching according to the needs of pre-primary, primary secondary, higher education and vocational education. For different levels of teaching, there are some specific methods and strategies to be learned for classroom transaction. In the teacher education programmes, there is no uniformity in the country. The programmes change from state to state in respect to the content and process.

According to the sources, there are mainly five types of teacher education programmes in India:

  1. Pre-primary teacher education
  2. Primary teacher education
  3. Secondary teacher education
  4. Higher education programmes
  5. Vocational Teachers Training


Being in the educational field for more than 18 years, IWP (International Women Polytechnic) is quite professional with the teaching experiences. Many reputed teachers throughout the country have pursued their graduation from here. They also implement modern ways of teaching so that one can understand the basics of teaching deeply. Moreover, this institution has collaborated with the finest institutions across the country. So, the aspirants pursuing their degree have greater chances of getting placed in the elite institutions.

Choose your eligible course of study at IWP and get the best education ever!


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