Stenography Institute Lucknow

Stenography is an abbreviated form of writing method which saves time as compared to common method of writing a language, using a shorthand machine. Stenography is used to make record of spoken word and since we speak at very high rate practiced stenographers are required to record the speech quickly and with skill.


In this age of computers, shorthand is still a sought after skill. Time is money and shorthand saves it a lot. It is considered as an essential part of secretarial training, police work, parliamentary reporters or journalism.  So if you are interested in any of the careers mentioned above shorthand course would be essential for you, but you should have desire to work hard to make a career in stenography.

IWP Lucknow offers stenography course in a unique way that you can learn everything related to stenography and can start using it straight away. Theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience is imparted at IWP.

Stenographer jobs are highly skilled positions that require shorthand knowledge and speed also an excellent grasp of English language. The world of business and showbiz are opening numerous job opportunities for stenographers. One of the new and expanding fields of stenography is captioning services for deaf. Stenographers provide services for TV programs, live events, speeches or religious events.


  • At IWP we have highly skilled teachers from various fields to give you hands on training on shorthand.
  • We have courses designed to include comprehensive study material so as to encourage you to practice as much as you can.
  • Well equipped training center to facilitate comprehensive learning environment.
  • Classes on English grammar and vocabulary and communications.
  • Captioning is also included in our curriculum
  • Typing classes are also provided.
  • Our experts have prepared list of special phrases which would help you in SSC Exams or in jobs.
  • Having confidence in reading back your shorthand is key element and we fully support you in gaining shorthand speed.

Cultivate vocational skills for gainful employment in stenography. Visit us at IWP Lucknow.