Fine Arts Institute Lucknow

Fine Arts is creating visual art products which are appreciated for their beauty or imaginative creativity. Some of the broad fine art categories are Painting, Sculpting, Architecture, Music, Dance and Poetry. Some additional forms include film making, photography, design, craft etc. it offers tremendous career prospects with satisfactory creative discourse thus attracting Indian youths more and more.

IWP Lucknow offers Fine Arts education in Painting and Drawing. Our aim is to cultivate your artistic skills with a good knowledge of different mediums of Painting while focusing on understanding the processes involve in painting and drawing. Our academic program is broad, teaching art forms from various regions of India there by providing ample opportunities to students to develop their own style.

IWP’s experienced teaching staff encourages students think visually and try to create something with personal meaning putting in emotions as well as creativity. Our innovative approach towards teaching focuses on art history, influence of arts on different cultures and emotions behind different masterpieces.

We provide young artists educational context through which they can explore their own talents. IWP has visitors program in which professionals are invited to share their experience and evaluate our student’s work. We organize arts fair and exhibitions to facilitate exhibition of work by our students thus providing them with maximum exposure and recognition. We encourage students to build their skills through intense technical training and challenging them to reach their highest potential.

IWP Lucknow currently offers 1yr/ 2yr and 3yr courses on Fine Arts. The syllabus includes;

  • Drawing/ Sketching
  • Color theory and color composition
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Painting/ Collage Painting / Print
  • History of Indian Art/ Western Art/ Ancient & Modern Art
  • Methods & Materials
  • Medium: Pastel, Water Color, Oil, Acrylic

Career opportunities after successful completion of this course are huge and in wide range of industries. Some of the job opportunities after completion of this course are –

  • Setting up your own gallery and working as Studio Artist
  • Curators in museum
  • Critics
  • Performance artist
  • Arts Administrators
  • Event Planner
  • Set Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Gallery Owners
  • Teaching Faculty in Schools/Colleges
  • Advertising companies
  • Product Design
  • Magazines
  • Television and Theatre Production

Objective of IWP Fine Arts course is to provide foundation for creativity by cementing the base with extensive knowledge and ample opportunities for training provided to develop skills, thus creating a positive environment for growth and success of our students.