Fashion Designing Institute Lucknow

If you have creative drive and a keen interest in latest trends and style then fashion designing is the right choice for you. The job of a fashion designer is to create designs that can be trendy, powerful or comfortable helping their customers in projecting the image they want the world to see. These designs are created with aspiration from different cultures around the world.

Fashion designing is very satisfying job for those interested as it helps in creating something which makes a difference to consumers. While creativity and style is crucial, knowledge is also required to be successful in fashion designing world.

International Women Polytechnic (IWP) offers great Fashion Designing course which focuses more on creativity and originality with very innovative learning modules to help you equipped with knowledge to make your mark in the fashion industry. Fashion industry has its own challenges so one must be equipped to face them and it’s only possible with the right knowledge.

Textile industry is one of the oldest in India yet Fashion industry is still new and emerging. Indian textile industry is expected to reach 223 billion dollars by 2021. Employment in fashion related industries is huge at 60 million. Indian fashion industry is still growing and offers great potential to make your place in it.

Today fashion industry is rapidly growing and provides great exposure with international events such as India Fashion Week and annual shows by fashion designers in major cities of our country. Total fashion market in India is calculated to be around INR 20,000 crore which is huge and currently growing at 9.5% pa. In such a growing industry employment potential is huge.

IWP Lucknow Fashion Designing Course focuses on design, development and realization of clothing and accessories for Indian Fashion Industry. The course is developed in such a way that it encourages innovation and originality in the finished products. Our huge base of alumni provides the opportunity to make contacts and build valuable relationships for your future. This course is developed keeping employment in mind.

  • The syllabus covers key points such as –
  • Study of different cultural and social latitudes to get inspiration from
  • Creation of prototype
  • Market surveys
  • Interaction with export houses and buying houses
  • Carrying out pilot before commercial launch

Why IWP?

  • Has excellent relationship with Indian Fashion community thus offering high placement results drawn from a wide range of sources.
  • Recognizing diverse cultural factors is essential for growth in Fashion Industry and we at IWP help you develop appropriate intellectual and practical skills.
  • We set up high standards of performance thus enabling you to rise to the challenges present during course as well as later stage in future.
  • Our curriculum is flexible providing excellent scope of networking with our alumni and people from fashion industry.
  • Guest lectures are important part of learning as they provide practical knowledge and know-how to survive in fashion world. We at IWP strive to give you as much rich experience through guest lecturers as possible.
  • We encourage each student to develop their own personal designs and our collaboration with different export and fashion houses give them their own recognition.

If you are looking for great career opportunity doing something you love while impacting the society, Get an expert consultation now.