Cosmetology Institute Lucknow

With increase in per capita earnings and more awareness towards health and beauty, certified cosmetologist demands are increasing in India. More focus is placed on skin care, hair and nails care as Indian women are empowered more and are holding big corporate profiles or successful careers. With media globalization and increased influence of Bollywood, not only women but men also pay more attention towards their personalized cosmetic solutions. Pollution has also increased the need for skin treatment. People nowadays prefer trained and certified cosmetologists than beauty salon professionals.


IWP Lucknow offers Cosmetology course for those interested in becoming a professional cosmetologist. Our course is designed in such a way that it emphasizes on hands-on-training. Our saloon gives students unique opportunity to practice their skills.  At IWP we focus on giving you firsthand experience so that you can handle real life situations in the future.

Cosmetologists use range of treatments and equipments to enhance the beauty of face body and hair. Keeping this in mind IWP has devised the curriculum to give you the edge above other cosmetologists in the industry. At IWP we use animations, saloons and personalized interactions with industry experts to help you learn.

Practical as well as theoretical learning helps our students to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to become a professional cosmetologist. Our course includes study on –

  • Hair – shaping, trimming, cutting, styling, scalp massages and treatment.
  • Nails – cleaning, polishing, applying nail art, cuticle treatments
  • Skin – knowing skin type, basic skin care, applying makeup and makeovers, exfoliating skin, applying masks, study of various face packs and how to produce your own facial packs
  • Massages – theory of massage, practical implementation, knowledge of oils and creams

Cosmetology is not all about knowing theoretical knowhow. It’s also creativity. Latest trends are changing everyday and the job of a successful cosmetologist is to keep up with these trends and work with out of the box creativity to get noticed in this competitive field.

After successful completion of course you can apply in these areas –

  • Beauty Therapy Clinics
  • Salon
  • Health Resort/ Spa
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Fashion Industry/Film Industry
  • Beauty Research Clinics
  • Cosmetology Schools
  • Big Cosmetic companies such as Lakme, Revlon etc.

Needles to say job opportunities are huge in this field. This industry is growing at a very fast pace and it is expected to keep growing at a high rate. If you are interested in a career that puts smile on faces of different people and make them feel confident about themselves, you can start by contacting us at IWP Lucknow.