Teacher Training Institute Gurgaon

Teaching – one of the best professions in today’s world. Even in this highly competitive age of technology where machines are replacing human work more and more, teaching is the most recession proof job. Even if economy is in negative growth and people are losing their jobs, education requirements are still there.

Teachers are also highly respected professionals in our culture since historical times. Teaching is considered as the best profession for women even in this digital age.

IWP Gurgaon offers Government approved two years, Nursery Primary Teacher Training course to gain qualifications as a teacher. After successful completion of this course one can gain employment in public or private schools. This course aims to empower young women by providing them job opportunities. We believe our country can grow when Indian women are empowered to make their own way.

Quality in NPTT course translates into quality education for the future generation of India which is why IWP Gurgaon focuses on developing its curriculum yearly to give its students the best in the industry.


Nursery teachers are entrusted with the laying the foundation, imparting wisdom, proper attitude & moral development and providing solid base foundation to the future generation of India. The most important question is what knowledge and skills a teacher should possess.

With its vast experience in education sector, IWP Gurgaon had devised an innovative curriculum for NPTT/PTT including education on mandatory subjects, skills in different fields, supervised teaching classes, internship etc.

The curriculum broadly focuses on –

  • Education – History of Education, Education Psychology and Sociology of Education, Method of Teaching
  • Language – English language command, communication skills, rich vocabulary and grammar knowledge
  • Arts & Crafts – Display boards, craft skills, Educational Games, Lesson Plans
  • Childhood Care – Health and Nutrition, Child Psychology
  • First Aid – workshops on first aid and basic medical assistance

Job opportunities after successful completion of NPTT:

  • Nursery/Primary Teacher in Public/Private Schools
  • Arts & Crafts Teacher in Public Schools
  • Faculty in Institutions
  • Crèche business

IWP Gurgaon does not believe in imparting only classroom education therefore we have tie ups with different schools to learn through observation or supervised participation. We also provide internships to our students so that they can gain maximum experience while learning and are ready to deal with any situation when it arises.

We also provide unique opportunity to learn from educational experts. Our interactive sessions with these experts focus on not only learning but also what you would face while teaching in real life. These experiences make our students transition from classroom learning to teaching a smooth sail.