Fine Arts Institute Gurgaon

IWP Gurgaon offers in depth education and creative learning of the skills required for painting and drawing. Fine Arts is not an educational course through which you can learn art of drawing and painting, to be a successful painter you need creative skills and talent to work with colors etc.

If you are passionate about creating something of aesthetic value with use of colors, pigment, charcoal, pencils etc, then a career in Fine Arts is the right choice for you. The Fine Arts course at IWP Gurgaon educates and prepares students to become artists and is centered on individual student, their talent and creativity potential.

IWP Gurgaon has studios which help students to practice as much as they can and develop their own skills and style. Our instructors are trained and highly skilled professional of this field and they encourage students to continually think out of the box focusing on developing their creativity and inner voice.

The curriculum broadly covers –

  • History of Arts / Indian / Western / Ancient & Modern
  • Influence of Arts on different cultures
  • Drawing / Sketching
  • Color Theory and color composition
  • Painting / Collage Painting / Print
  • Methods and Materials
  • 2D & 3D Animation / Computer Printing
  • Study Tour

At IWP Gurgaon we offer students the chance to study and explore contemporary approaches to developing talent in a healthy competitive environment. We encourage our students to participate in exhibitions and competitions. This helps in boosting their morale and developing their own recognition. We invite various industry experts to evaluate our students work and encourage them to do better in future. An exhibition arranged at our campus also gives our students opportunity to get live projects.

IWP Gurgaon has tie ups with various galleries, event planners and set designers to get live project for its students. This activity not only helps in gaining recognition but also portfolio development and future job options.

Career opportunities after successful completion of this course are huge and in wide range of industries. Some of the job opportunities after completion of this course are –

  • Setting up your own gallery and working as Studio Artist
  • Curators in museum
  • Critics
  • Performance artist
  • Arts Administrators
  • Event Planner
  • Set Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Gallery Owners
  • Teaching Faculty in Schools/Colleges
  • Advertising companies
  • Product Design
  • Magazines
  • Television and Theatre Production

Study tours are very important for developing aesthetic and cultural interest in students. They also help in broadening horizons and inspirations.

IWP Gurgaon offers the best facilities and advanced innovative curriculum to its students so that they can reach their highest potential. We provide placement assistance and help in smooth transition from students’ life to job life.