Cosmetology Institute Gurgaon

Confucius said “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This statement is very true, you should make career doing whatever you are passionate about and you would succeed by leaps and bounds.

After schooling everyone is thinking about future and career prospects. What to study, which field to choose. If you are creative and have a talent of helping others look their best then you should consider a career in beauty industry.

Why choose a career in Beauty Industry?

  1. It’s not a job – Being a cosmetologist is not a normal 9 to 5 boring job. It is something you love doing, you are passionate about and it channels your creativity to something productive.
  2. Your own Boss – As a cosmetologist you can set up your own schedule if you are working in a salon or you can set up your own business. Setting up your own salon doesn’t require much investment as you can start up from your home and provide home services, thereby building up your clientele.
  3. Job satisfaction – Our friends or neighbors or relatives often complain about their jobs. Often they say they are not paid as much as they work. As a stylist you choose your own pay. The more you work more you will be paid.
  4. Helping others – Looks are very important in today’s world and the right style can increase or decrease one’s confidence. Being able to help people will give you extreme satisfaction and happy feeling.
  5. Recognition – One of the best factors of being a cosmetologist is that you can enter fashion or film industry and can be asked to work on celebrities or famous public figures. This will give you your own brand image.
  6. Each Day is different – working as a stylist is very entertaining. You get to meet lots of different people daily and each has their own story or tidbit to share. So work is never boring.


Why IWP Gurgaon

IWP Gurgaon offers hands-on training course in cosmetology. Our course is designed is such a way that you get maximum experience while learning skills. We have a high end salon to give you learning either by watching or by supervised working.

Our curriculum is designed to develop your own talent with the skills learned during classes. Each student is different, has a different style and IWP’s focus is to cultivate that talent into something extraordinary.

With our experienced instructors we teach our students to be the best in the beauty industry. Our course includes study on –

  • Hair – shaping, trimming, cutting, styling, scalp massages and treatment.
  • Nails – cleaning, polishing, applying nail art, cuticle treatments
  • Skin – knowing skin type, basic skin care, applying makeup and makeovers, exfoliating skin, applying masks, study of various face packs and how to produce your own facial packs
  • Massages – theory of massage, practical implementation, knowledge of oils and creams

Job opportunities after completing cosmetology course are huge. Recognition and fame are the best perks of working in this industry. With little hard work and our guidance you can reach to new heights and become successful.