Stenography Institute Ghaziabad

Stenography is a skill still mandatory for many career profiles such as parliamentary reporters, journalists, captioning service providers and so on. Stenographers use shorthand to record spoken words.

Depending on the language, a shorthand system may rely on symbols, which represent specific sounds, concepts, or letters, or it may rely on letters that have specific meanings. Some companies use specially coded symbols or letters for their company to keep sensitive information safe.

Stenographers are highly skilled in shorthand, typing speedily by stenography machine or by hand and also knowledgeable in latest technologies.

IWP Ghaziabad has designed its Stenography Course with aim to provide maximum speed and skills. The ‘more you practice the better you are’ saying is right for every job but for stenographers it is golden. We focus on developing skills and increasing speed through various innovative learning tools. A positive environment is created to enhance the learning of our students.

We provide materials from all areas of life be it business, technical, literature, legal, scientific research etc to give our students huge exposure to different type of words indirectly increasing their vocabulary also. We focus on practicing and increasing speed from the get go.

Apart from typing/writing speed, skills required to get job as a stenographer may vary depending on companies but most government jobs or corporate houses ask for good communication skills and an excellent grasp of language mainly English and Hindi.

Our course at IWP Ghaziabad is designed to teach stenography skills, develop speed and also communication skills. Knowing grammar and vocabulary of the language you are using is very essential as taking time to remember a word or its meaning would break concentration and hamper your speed.

The lab at IWP Ghaziabad is equipped with stenotype machines and is open to students for all working hours. Our students take advantage of this option and practice as much as they can to develop their skills.

Job Scope after Stenography Course

  • Government Sector Jobs such as Parliamentary Reporters or Court Recorders
  • Corporate Houses – Secretaries, Business Meetings
  • Journalists
  • Media Houses – captioning services for live TV programs for deaf people
  • Religious Meetings
  • Intelligence Services
  • IT companies for using it in printers

A little practice daily can increase your speed in shorthand tremendously and would work wonders for your career. Give your career as a stenographer a great start from IWP Ghaziabad.