NPTT Institute Ghaziabad

Teaching is a very noble profession and after parents, a teacher plays the most important role in moral and educational development of a student. Teaching can give you the satisfaction of having played pivotal role in shaping the future of India. Teachers are much respected professionals and teaching is still considered by many as the best job in the world.

IWP Ghaziabad offers many courses with the goal of empowering the women of India. We offer government approved two years course in Nursery Primary Teacher Training. After successful completion of this course students could get teaching jobs in public and private schools.

NPT Training emphasizes on teaching techniques and how to teach in a class. We don’t emphasize only on theory but specialized one-on-one interactions to impart practical knowledge as well. Scenario discussions are also very favorite among our students, as based on our teacher’s experience different scenarios are discussed which gives students the idea to deal with different types of situations. For example any medical emergency or any safety issue.

The course also focuses on developing good communication skills, enriched vocabulary and fluent speech. Students lacking in good communication skills and confidence are given individual attention and are inspired to improve themselves through various interactive discussions and exercises. Teachers are responsible for shaping the future generations which is why they should be skilled communicators, learned in modern teaching techniques and knowledgeable on regulations and latest development of this field.

IWP Ghaziabad focuses on developing above mentioned skill so as to provide best trained teachers in the country. Our course covers –

  • Communication Skills
  • Art and Craft
  • Education Psychology
  • Methods of Teaching
  • Childhood Care & Education
  • Lesson Plans
  • Use of Audio/Visual Teaching Aids
  • Child Psychology
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Art in Education
  • Educational Games
  • Display Boards
  • First Aid Workshop

Education industry in Ghaziabad is developed and vast providing huge opportunities. Job opportunities after successful completion of NPTT are –

  • Nursery/Primary Teacher in Public/Private Schools
  • Arts & Crafts Teacher in Public Schools
  • Faculty in Institutions
  • Crèche business

Here at IWP Ghaziabad, we encourage students to learn more and more and provide as many interactive sessions and trainings as possible. We want our students to be the best in whichever field they work.