Fine Arts Institute Ghaziabad

Fine Arts are the art of creating aesthetically appealing visual arts which are applauded for their beauty or creativity. Ability to visualize and create what is in mind, on paper or as 3D art, is what those who excel at fine arts do.


IWP Ghaziabad offers Fine Arts course in Painting and Drawing with the motive to provide technical know-how to our students while cultivating their creative skills and talents. Every seed needs some water and nurturing to grow into a plant. Similarly students need solid base knowledge, artistic nurturing and positive environment to grow their creativity. We understand this need, thus our academic program has been developed with specific emphasis on growing individual talent while providing solid support.

Our innovative approach towards teaching focuses on history of art, influence of arts on different cultures, study of masters in their respective fields of painting and drive and approach behind their masterpieces.

IWP Ghaziabad has visitors program in which professionals are invited to share their experience and evaluate our student’s work. Exposure and experience is provided through different channels. Arts fairs and exhibitions are organized at our campus and also at other arts schools in which we encourage our students to display their talent. Many industry professionals are also invited in these fests to have a look at displayed talent and give advices. We encourage students to build their skills through intense technical training and challenge them to reach their highest potential.

Career opportunities after successful completion of this course are huge and in wide range of industries. Some of the job opportunities after completion of this course are –

  • Setting up your own gallery and working as Studio Artist
  • Curators in museum
  • Critics
  • Performance artist
  • Arts Administrators
  • Event Planner
  • Set Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Gallery Owners
  • Teaching Faculty in Schools/Colleges
  • Advertising companies
  • Product Design
  • Magazines
  • Television and Theatre Production

IWP Ghaziabad has the motto to provide its students with solid knowledge base and positive environment to find their own unique talent. Our success depends on the success of each student and we work hard to achieve that.