Fashion Designing institute Ghaziabad

Progressing towards the pinnacle of success, International Women Polytechnic (IWP) has been a true harbinger of change. The set-up of a new branch in Ghaziabad on 28th of June has marked the introduction of new latent talents into its training centre.

IWP is one among the Top Fashion Designing Institutes in India catering to the growing career needs of the students making them fit for the corporate world.

Being the best fashion designing institute in Ghaziabad, IWP has striven to provide a comprehensive learning platform to gain practical exposure in their respective fields.

Fashion Design Institute Ghaziabad

To cope up with the technological advancements taking place in the current market scenario, we have been working hard to not only match up with the concurrent changes but also excel in disseminating information and training across the aspirants.

Fashion Designing Courses at IWP Ghaziabad

Fashion designing demands to be in line with the latest trends and technology. Not only that, one should have a flair for fashion and must effectively put to use his creative talent. Creativity and Innovation are the essence of fashion design. It rightly involves application of design and aesthetics, beautifying as well as artistically designing the textiles.

Commencing from generating a new idea, prototype creation, product development, market analysis to ultimately bringing the final product into the market, a fashion designer has to do it all.

We aim to inculcate skills which help the fashion design aspirants to learn and explore new concepts and ideas to grow and excel in the arena.

Our experienced faculty greatly helps in giving immense opportunities to build a successful career in fashion designing by synchronizing theoretical knowledge with practical know-hows.

Visit us to get more information on our training courses carried out in our Ghaziabad branch. To know about our other IWP branches, log on to or walk into your nearest branch today!