Cosmetology Institute Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad, a city with currently more than 50 lacs people, is the second fastest growing city of the world. Due to its close proximity to New Delhi, Ghaziabad has developed by leaps and bound since last decade. Industrial development and infrastructure development has resulted in the growth of its economy but other factors have also increased with this. Population, use of vehicles and pollution has also multiplied with increase in prosperity.

Today pollution is everywhere, more so in Ghaziabad; it is present in air, water, land, food and so on. Each factor is contributing negatively towards our health especially towards our skin. This has led to an increase demand of trained cosmetologist who can understand our skin and treat it with care.

Work of cosmetologist is not limited to applying face packs or giving beauty makeover. Intricate knowledge of skin types, treatments done, oils and herbs knowledge, hair types and so on is also required. They use range of treatments to enhance the beauty of face and body. At IWP we focus on giving hands on training so that you can handle real life situations in the future. Thus we have fully equipped salons to give you practical experience.

Our course includes study on –

  • Hair – shaping, trimming, cutting, styling, scalp massages and treatment.
  • Nails – cleaning, polishing, applying nail art, cuticle treatments
  • Skin – knowing skin type, basic skin care, applying makeup and makeovers, exfoliating skin, applying masks, study of various face packs and how to produce your own facial packs
  • Massages – theory of massage, practical implementation, knowledge of oils and creams

Cosmetologists also keep up with the latest trends and fashion in the market. Their job is not only just grooming, it’s providing services with a flair and style to get noticed in the market and make their name.

After successful completion of course you can apply in these areas –

  • Beauty Therapy Clinics
  • Salon
  • Health Resort/ Spa
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Fashion Industry/Film Industry
  • Beauty Research Clinics
  • Cosmetology Schools
  • Big Cosmetic companies such as Lakme, Revlon etc.
  • Esthetician
  • Hair Stylist
  • Beauty Magazine Writer/ Editor

Best part of being a cosmetologist is that it is somewhat recession free job. When in all other fields cutting down jobs is going on, cosmetologist enjoy their job security as even recession could not cut down much on relaxation, beauty or massage expenditure.

Although cosmetologists are high in demand, securing your place is most important and can be done only with the help of finest training available. So get set to begin your training at IWP Ghaziabad and be the best in the field.