NPTT Institute Chandigarh

Nursery Primary Teacher Training is a must for aspirants interested in teaching as a career. Teaching is considered to be one of the best professions since old times and it still holds true. Throughout Indian history and culture teachers have been given respect and were revered by not only students but others as well. Teachers are considered to be the deciding factors in the educational, moral and spiritual development of young minds.

Teaching is also considered to be the best career choice in Indian society for women because of its importance and respect value.

IWP Chandigarh offers Government approved, two years course in Nursery-Primary Teachers Training. This course is aimed at providing teaching training to aspiring young women. NPTT is entry level teaching course and successful completion of this course would help in gaining employment in public and private schools, all over India.

Operating in education sector and imparting knowledge from last eighteen years we know how important a teacher’s guidance is and cannot emphasize enough on the importance and satisfaction gained from teaching and the process of helping to create future. Our years of experience has helped in creating innovative course curriculum which focuses on all the finer points required to become the best in the field be it teaching or any other job.

Good communication skills are mandatory to be a successful Nursery Primary Teacher and at IWP courses are designed to develop communication skills as well as modern teaching techniques and situation handling. Our course covers these topics broadly –

  • Communication Skills
  • Art and Craft
  • Education Psychology
  • Methods of Teaching
  • Childhood Care & Education
  • Lesson Plans
  • Use of Audio/Visual Teaching Aids
  • Child Psychology
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Art in Education
  • Educational Games
  • Display Boards
  • First Aid Workshop

Here at IWP Chandigarh, we encourage students to display their arts and crafts skill so as to inspire other students and also teach them these skills thus giving them unique teaching experience. Our tie-ups with different schools also provide them teaching experience and possibilities for future placements.

Job opportunities after successful completion of NPTT:

  • Nursery/Primary Teacher in Public/Private Schools
  • Arts & Crafts Teacher in Public Schools
  • Faculty in Institutions
  • Crèche business

IWP Chandigarh is working towards the goal of creating a better India by imparting high standard education to its students and preparing them to deal with any situation in the future with aplomb.