Cosmetology Institute Chandigarh

With the new era of 21st century and huge globalization and privatisation in India, looks and appearance are playing pivotal roles in the daily life of young Indians. Our looks matters as much as dressing in portraying our image to the world. Everyone wants to look good and not hesitate in spending some money on makeovers. A professional makeover can impact your professional as well as personal life.

Pollution and pesticides rich foods are also impacting our skin hugely thus the demand of trained cosmetologists is increasing day by day. Women as well as men want their face fresh and skin healthy thus requiring personalised cosmetic solution.

If you love reading beauty magazines, have a knack for styles and drive to make someone happy by giving them a makeover, Cosmetology is the right career choice for you. IWP Chandigarh offers courses in Cosmetology to get your career started as a professional cosmetologist.

Our courses are designed specifically to get you armed with all necessary skills and training required to set your mark in the beauty industry. IWP Chandigarh has its own salon to give you hand on training and unique opportunity to practice your skills. Many times you have to handle conflicts or some other disagreements in future during your job, this experience with salon equip you to deal with these situations positively.

Theoretical knowledge is not as much required as practical; still you need knowledge about skin types, face packs, massages etc to become successful cosmetologist. Our course focuses many of these finer details such as –

  • Hair – shaping, trimming, cutting, styling, scalp massages and treatment.
  • Nails – cleaning, polishing, applying nail art, cuticle treatments
  • Skin – knowing skin type, basic skin care, applying makeup and makeovers, exfoliating skin, applying masks, study of various face packs and how to produce your own facial packs
  • Massages – theory of massage, practical implementation, knowledge of oils and creams

Some of the job areas after successful completion of this course are –

  • Beauty Therapy Clinics
  • Salon
  • Health Resort/ Spa
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Fashion Industry/Film Industry
  • Beauty Research Clinics
  • Cosmetology Schools
  • Big Cosmetic companies such as Lakme, Revlon etc.

Job opportunities are wide after successful completion of this course. Money, fame and glamour are all attached with a professional cosmetologist and with the right guidance, hard work and creativity you can reach that pinnacle.