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Eligibility Criteria for Government Teachers

With a wide range of knowledge, teachers are referred to as the most respected jobs of society. So a lot of focus is implemented by the educational councils in order to enhance the quality of teaching. A variety of eligibility criteria are there in order to be appointed as a teacher in a government institution. If all the criteria are matched by the aspirants, then only, the aspirants would be able to appear for the government organized teaching examinations.

For becoming a government teacher, the aspirants must have the basic knowledge specified. These minimum qualifications should be 10+2 passed with an aggregate of 50% marks. Moreover, one must have the Bachelor’s degree in the opted subject by the aspirants. Teacher training courses like B.ED is made compulsory nowadays, in order to be eligible in terms of qualifications. So these are the minimum qualification criteria required to be eligible to become a teacher.

Now when it comes to the examinations, the procedure becomes much complicated. There are Examinations like the CTET and TET which are conducted by the government in order to opt the teachers for the government institutions. The TET examination is for those, who are aspiring for the state government examinations whereas, the CTET is for those, who are opting for the Central government ones.

The CTET examinations are held in two papers. The ones targeting for teaching classes from 1-8 should appear for both the papers. In context to that, the aspirants opting for teaching classes 1-5 could appear for first paper only and the ones, who are opting to teach classes 6-8, should appear for second paper only. These are the schemes implemented by the government in order to become a teacher.

After the qualification of these examinations, the final eligibility is tested by an interview after which the aspirants are appointed as teachers in various government institutions throughout the country.


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