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Teachers are the back-bones of a healthy society. They are the ones who guide the toddlers to a dignified and successful life. It is not just a profession, but a noble deed which they perform towards the society. They are the ones who help the students to acquire knowledge and develop values in the minds of the students. So it is very much necessary for a country to have teachers in the society.

A teacher is one who can provide knowledge to the students regarding all aspects including craftsmanship, numeracy, arts, values, religions, mythology etc. The duties regarding a teacher include many aspects rather than just teaching in the classroom premises. It includes supervising of the students regarding the researches, functions and also the co-curricular activities. So the teachers play a very major role in the role of acquiring knowledge in all aspects of life. They also enhance the capability of nurturing the disciplinary activities of the students.

There are various qualities required by an aspirant to be an effective teacher. First of all, the aspirants should be dedicated to the studies of the students. This dedication results in a fruitful manner in the view of students. Moreover, an enthusiastic and motivational character helps the students to gain confidence in their studies and it ultimately results in fruitful results of the students. An interactive nature of the aspirants helps the students a lot to ask about the doubts regarding the topics. So, all these qualities of the aspirants make one the perfect teacher which could bring success in the lives of the students as well as the development of the society.


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