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Ways to Become a Teacher

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Ways to Become a Teacher

Teachers help the societies a lot in the development. They are often regarded as the respectable people of the society. They are the ones, who nurtures and develops the young minds in a fruitful manner. But the way to become a teacher in the country is not as simple as aspired by the people. Lots of hard work and dedication are required in order to become a teacher. The educational councils have specified some parameters on the basis of which the teachers opt.

Firstly, the council has set parameters regarding the qualifications. In order to be a teacher, one must pass the 10+2 degree with an aggregate of 50% marks. After pursuing so, the aspirant must have to pursue the Bachelor’s degree. This is an essential part and every aspirant have to pass through the procedure. Once the B.A or B.SC is pursued, the teachers have to pursue the B.ED course. These courses enhance the teaching capability of the aspirants. After all these parameters, the qualification eligibility is fulfilled. Once the eligibility is fulfilled, the aspirants could register for the various examinations organized by the government for getting appointed as teachers.

There are various examinations offered by the government including the TET and CTET examinations. The TET exam is for the state government institutions whereas the CTET exam is for the Central Government schools. Once the aspirants qualify for the exams, they are appointed as teachers in various government exams throughout the state or throughout the country.

So these are the ways which the aspirants have to follow in order to become teachers in a reputed institution.

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