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Teacher Recruitment in Schools

In today's modern world, education is the main priority for all. It is the basis of development for a country as well as the individuals. So it is very much essential to have good teachers in society to support the foundation of these future generations. This is the reason that the demand for teachers is also increasing and it is resulting in widening the career prospect for teachers. The government has also implemented various educational hubs throughout the country so that, one could acquire a proper education and get success in life.

Our government has implemented various measures so that, one could get recruited as teachers in the institutions. However, the process for getting recruited as teachers is not as simple as expected. Lots of patience, skills, hard work and dedications are required to get out as a teacher in an institution. The councils have implemented specific rules from which, one could get recruited as a teacher. These rules could be explained in brief in the following:

  • The first thing which is focussed on by the councils is the qualification. This is the central fact which is considered before appearing for the entrance examinations. The aspirants should have pursued the degrees to appear for the examinations.
  • There are two types of examinations conducted by the councils: CTET and TET. The aspirants who are targeting for the central government institutions have to appear for CTET whereas the ones targeting for state government examinations have to opt for TET.
  • Once qualified, the aspirants are checked thoroughly, so that the preferable and desirable candidates could get the chance of becoming teachers.

All these factors are followed professionally and efficiently to get recruited as teachers in the country.


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