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Teacher Qualification

Teachers are the valuable resources of the society. They are the ones who are responsible for the upliftment and development of the society. The whole country is dependent on the teachers for the development and success of the individuals as well as the society. So they play a very vital role in society. But in order to be a quality teacher, one has to pursue some qualifications which are essential for the same. Moreover, the educational councils of the country have specified certain parameters in terms of qualifications for the aspirants on the basis of which, the government opts for the quality teachers in the respective institutions.

Every year, certain parameters are set by the educational councils for the aspirants. But on average, in order to be a worthy and quality teacher, the minimal educational qualifications should be fulfilled. These include the 10+2 certificate along with a Bachelor’s degree. These degrees may be B.SC or B.A depending on the option opted by the aspirant. This becomes the primary source of qualification. But in order to be eligible for appearing in the examinations conducted by the council, one also has to pursue the B.ED degree. This degree helps the aspirants to get trained about the modern teaching techniques, enhancement of the communication skills, and getting indulged with the motivational talks with the students. This helps the students to build confidence in the field of studies. This leads to overall development of experience in this field.

So due to all these facts, the educational councils have made it compulsory for the aspirants pursue these basic degrees in order to fulfill their dream as a teacher.


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