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The primary schools comprise of the ages from 5-11 years. This is the most vital period of a pupil’s academic career because it is the basis of the foundation. So the focus is given to the stage by the people on it. Therefore, it is very important to have a good primary school teacher in order to execute the foundation of a pupil in a much effective manner.

The training institutes train the aspirants in a very simple but effective manner so that the teachers could cope up with the teaching techniques in the institutions. Moreover, these courses are essential for all the aspirants because a valid amount of skill is required in the field, which can only be acquired by these training institutes.

In terms of responsibilities, the primary school teachers have to perform a lot of activities rather than just teaching in the classroom premises. It includes coordinating with the students, organizing various programmes, analyzing the development reports of the students, communicating with the parents, taking an active part in the co-curricular activities etc. So in terms of a primary school teacher, they have to work hard and that too passionately and motivational sense.

They are the ones who are responsible for developing the young minds into responsible citizens of a country. So it is amongst the noblest deeds of society as a development of the country depends on them. With utmost care, delicateness and efficiency, the teachers have to work in the schools so that the students could acquire knowledge and get benefitted. So as far as the job status is concerned, they are the building blocks of a society.


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