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Primary School Staff Education

Primary schools are the essential education hubs for the students. It is the medium through which the students start their ways to their success. In this division of schools, students get the primary education about all its aspects, and it helps to build a strong foundation for future developments. So the teachers in the primary divisions of the institutions should be efficient enough to bring success to the careers of these students. The efficiency of the teachers is measured in the form of eligibility examinations and their qualifications.

Prescribed Qualification by the Government:

Every year, the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) sets some parameters regarding the eligibility tests from which the teachers are appointed to the respective institutions according to their quality. These parameters differ slightly every year. These parameters are not only for the primary school levels but are also applicable to the secondary and higher secondary levels. The primary school level is also divided into two parts – Primary and Upper Primary level.

So the qualification differences are by the divisions only. For the primary sections, the aspirants must have the 10+2 certificate along with the Diploma Degree in Basic Teacher’s training. The ones have B.EL.ED degree is also eligible for the post of teacher in the primary section.

For the upper Primary section, the qualification parameters are slightly higher than the primary ones. To get appointed as a teacher in the Upper Primary section, one must have 10+2 certificate along with a Diploma in Basic teacher training with a duration of at least 2 years. The ones have B.EL.ED degree or B.ED degree could also apply for the post.

These parameters are strictly followed by NCTE for the eligibility exams so that efficient and qualified aspirants could get appointed as teachers.  


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