NPTT/PTT Institute Lucknow

IWP Lucknow offers Government approved, two years course in Nursery-Primary Teachers Training. This course is aimed at providing teaching training to aspiring young women. NPTT is entry level teaching course and successful completion of this course would help in gaining employment in public and private schools, all over India.

This course emphasizes on teaching techniques and how to teach in a class. An innovative feature of this course is that the trainees are given exposure to environmental studies at the schools.

Lectures are not only theoretical but our expert teachers try one-on-one specialized attention to impart practical knowledge as well. Real life scenarios and case studies are discussed to get these future teachers equipped with sufficient know-how to deal with any type of situation.

Good communication skills are mandatory to be successful in any field today and the same is true for Nursery-Primary Teachers. We at IWP, focus on developing good communication skills, enriching vocabulary and on clear, fluent speech. Students lacking confidence in communication skill are given individual attention and are inspired to improve through exercises and group discussions. In short your personality is also developed with teaching skills.

Nursery-Primary Teachers are responsible for shaping up the future of our country which is why they should be proficient, skilled, good communicator, skilled in modern teaching techniques and knowledgeable on regulations and latest developments of this field.

IWP Lucknow focuses on developing above mentioned skill so as to provide best trained teachers in the country. Our course covers –

  • Communication Skills
  • Art and Craft
  • Education Psychology
  • Methods of Teaching
  • Childhood Care & Education
  • Lesson Plans
  • Use of Audio/Visual Teaching Aids
  • Child Psychology
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Art in Education
  • Educational Games
  • Display Boards
  • First Aid Workshop

Here at IWP, we encourage students to display their arts and crafts skill so as to inspire other students and also teach them these skills thus giving them unique teaching experience.

Job opportunities after successful completion of NPTT:

  • Nursery/Primary Teacher in Public/Private Schools
  • Arts & Crafts Teacher in Public Schools
  • Faculty in Institutions
  • Crèche business

IWP Lucknow welcomes young women interested in teaching as their career and we are happy to help or answer your queries. Feel free to contact us now.