Stenography Institute Chandigarh

Chandigarh has a rich historical heritage which offers its students inspirations to work while incorporating different cultures and social attitudes. An amazing fact about Chandigarh is that it is a city and a Union territory and serves as capital of Punjab and Haryana thus providing multi-culture environment.

This fact makes Chandigarh a hot destination for government jobs such as stenographers or parliamentary records keeper. Keeping the opportunities provided in mind IWP has started Stenography course at Chandigarh.

Stenography is art of recording spoken language in shorthand which saves time, mostly done using a shorthand machine. In today’s world of audios and videos, stenographers are still preferred for maintaining important records especially in the government sector. It is mandatory skill for journalists, secretaries, parliamentary reporters etc. Indian government employs huge number of stenographers and the pay scale is also good thus making this course a good career choice.

IWP Chandigarh has an innovative teaching technique which aims at imparting knowledge in such a way that you can start practicing and perfecting it straight away.

Requirement of skill sets in a stenographer vary but most government jobs ask for good speed and excellent grasp of language mostly English and Hindi. Keeping these in mind our course has been designed to impart theoretical knowledge, labs to give lots of practicing time and also focus on polishing language skills.

Knowing grammar and vocabulary is very important as small doubt can cost you a lot of time and decrease your speed. Our stenography course focuses on communication skills, written language, grammar and vocab.

Practice is the key for gaining speed in shorthand and we facilitate this by providing fully equipped lab with shorthand machines and ample amount of material from a wide variety of subjects thus giving you maximum exposure to the topics covered and indirectly increasing your knowledge.

Other than government sectors, corporate houses and media houses also offer job opportunities for skilled stenographers. One of the new and emerging fields is captioning services for deaf or hard hearing audience. Stenographers also provide services for TV programs, live events, speeches or religious events.

Dedicated approach towards learning and practicing can make your career in stenography and the success would be tremendous.