Fine Arts Institute Chandigarh

Fine Arts is appreciating visual arts for their aesthetic value rather than utility. It is imprinting of ideas from creator’s mind to that on paper or any other medium. To be successful in Fine Arts, one should have creative drive, talent and skills.

IWP Chandigarh offers Fine Arts course in Painting and Drawing. If a person has creativity we know how to cultivate that into talent. A solid base knowledge, artistic nurturing and positive environment are mandatory to grow from normal to talented.

At IWP Chandigarh our aim is to cultivate your artistic skills with a good knowledge of different mediums of Painting while focusing on understanding the processes involve in painting and drawing. Our academic program is broad, teaching art forms from various regions of India there by providing ample opportunities to students to develop their own style.

Our teaching style is unique and the curriculum focuses on history of art, different cultures of India, study of renowned painters of the world, message or creative drive behind different selected art pieces. We provide young artists educational context through which they can explore their own talent.

IWP Chandigarh has visitors program in which professionals or established artist from various field are invited to share their experiences with our students and impart some knowledge. We try coinciding these guest lecturers with school’s art fairs or exhibitions to give our students exposure and honest feedback from the experts. Many of our students have gotten pre placement offers at these exhibitions. Student’s portfolio is also developed through this exercise. Our relentless encouragement and support helps in building their creative skills and to reach highest potential without losing their individual personality.

The subjects broadly covered in this course are

  • Drawing/ Sketching
  • Color theory and color composition
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Painting/ Collage Painting / Print
  • History of Indian Art/ Western Art/ Ancient & Modern Art
  • Methods & Materials
  • Medium: Pastel, Water Color, Oil, Acrylic

Career opportunities after successful completion of this course are huge and in wide range of industries. Some of the job opportunities after completion of this course are –

  • Setting up your own gallery and working as Studio Artist
  • Curators in museum
  • Critics
  • Performance artist
  • Arts Administrators
  • Event Planner
  • Set Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Gallery Owners
  • Teaching Faculty in Schools/Colleges
  • Advertising companies
  • Product Design
  • Magazines
  • Television and Theatre Production

Talent can never be learned but strong base and foundations are equally necessary to develop that talent so that success is with you.