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Job Profiles of Teachers in India

Teachers are the pivotal characters in the society which plays the role of development of the society. So, they are much valuable and are often referred to as the prime elements of society. However, teachers could be of different designations, according to their qualification skills, experience etc. The government of our country has implemented various posts for all kinds of aspirants for teachers.

These different designations are for different kinds of individuals who opt for different kinds of streams as teachers. For instance, one might choose an elementary school; others might choose a high school or a college. So, these divisions from appointment are entirely from qualifications. An aspirant with a minimal amount of degree specified by the government could be appointed as a teacher in the essential posts only. These posts could either be a necessary teacher, or an assistant one. However, the one pursuing higher degrees could be appointed in the better posts as a teacher than the minimal ones. The higher degree pursuers could be appointed as head of a department of an institution or maybe some higher ones. So, the higher qualifications play a significant role in the field of job profiles.

In the case of colleges and universities too, there are a lot of divisions in the field of teachers. The Dean of a college or university could be the highest qualified person in the college. Similarly, the other professors, lecturers, and teachers could be somewhat less qualified than the head. So there are lots of job profiles in the fields of education and teaching and it is entirely from the quality of skills regarding teaching and most importantly the qualifications.


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