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Details of Teaching Courses

Teachers are the most important and respectable jobs amongst all the professions. They are the ones who lead to the development of society. But to be a perfect teacher, a lot of hard work and dedications are required along with the skills to rise in the field of teaching. For acquiring such skills, the teachers had to pursue courses which further assist them to do so. Some of these courses are also made compulsory by the educational councils.

Courses required for the career of teaching are as follows:

  • EL.ED: The full form of the course is Bachelor of Elementary Education. It is the course with 4 years duration in which, 3 years is implemented for the theoretical courses and the final year is implemented for practical. Moreover, it is compulsory for the aspirants to become the teacher in elementary schools.
  • A + B.ED Integrated Courses: This is a course which is implemented by the government to reduce the duration of time between the two courses. The aspirants seeking to be teachers in the Humanities department must have to pursue the courses to do so.
  • SC+ B.ED Integrated Courses: This is also an integrated course for aspirant teachers. This stream is primarily for the students belonging to the Science streams. For eligibility, one must have to qualify 10+2 with an aggregate mark of more than 50%.
  • EL.ED:  The full form of the course is Diploma in Elementary Education. It is a course which would help one in acquiring the knowledge regarding teaching in the elementary schools.
  • All these courses help the aspirants a lot in pursuing their dreams as successful teachers of the society.


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