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I have completed NPTT from International Women Polytechnic last year. After completing my course, got a call from "Tree House" school. All teachers were so cooperative. I have been taught with love and affection. All the teachers of the institute were very nice and understanding. I got the chance to learn new teaching strategies.
pooja chaddha
Nursery Primary Teacher Training
Sadhana Singh
IWP has helped me a lot in Developing my designing skills and helped me in enhancing my creativity. Overall experience and interaction with teachers was very good, till only drawback I felt was frequent faculty change.
IWP” provided me the option to study fashion designing in an open learning environment. The course was designed to broaden ideas about the industry and also give an opportunity to relay what was learn on a practical level. One of the significant advantages of the course was being taught by industry professionals who gave invaluable insight into the fashion world and business environment.The highlight of the course was interacting with various design students and going on a variety of excursions that defined my career direction and laid the groundwork in achieving success in the industry
Fashion Designer
Fashion Designer
Studying Fashion at IWP was an excellent way for me, I learned to express my ideas in unique, non-traditional ways and to find inspiration from places I'd never otherwise considered. The faculty at IWP are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They are down to earth, laid back and easy to get along with. Right from the start they throw exercises at us that were uncomfortable and forced us out of our comfort zone, but it made me better. They have high expectations of us and they made that evident. With their help and guidance along the way, I was able to produce work that is far better than any work I have produced in the past.
The Executive Steno course provided me with the challenge of learning new business skills from distinguished faculty while interacting with my peers. These skills have only served to enhance and complement my career
Advertising Marketing
I applied to the Human Resource Management program because I heard how successful the graduates are and how professional the instructors are. Both students and staff at IWP have made me feel extremely welcome. Attending IWP has definitely been one of the best decisions I've ever made." Now I have my bright future as working as Office Coordinator in Lattice Inc.
I consider myself fortunate being a part of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN POLYTECHNIC (IWP). The teachers are very helpful and supportive. The technique is used for teaching (NPTT) are tremulous and outstanding. The course (NPTT) has proved itself extremely beneficial as currently I’m working with MOTHER’S PRIDE and applying all the knowledge and experiences gained from IWP. I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to my teachers and IWP for everything you thought me. Whatever I have learn here, will be with me forever and will always help me in attaining success in life.
Salonee Khanna
Nursery Primary Teacher Training
Sharda Ahi
Nursery Primary Teacher Training
I’m SHARDA AHI honored to be one of the student of IWP. I would like to say thank you for all the support my faculty has given me after doing NPIT Diploma Course from IWP. I got job in ST. MARGARET SCHOOL as a Nursery Teacher. Very thank’s to their generous support.
IWP trained me well to attend interview built my confidence very high. While attending in interview due to IWP, I got the placement in Delhi Public School, Gurgaon as a Art & Craft Teacher. (year 2016).
Anwara Begum
Sadhana Singh
IWP has helped me a lot in Developing my designing skills and helped me in enhancing my creativity. Overall experience and interaction with teachers was very good, till only drawback I felt was frequent faculty change.
I have done my Fashion Designing from International Women Polytechnic. I think this is the best Institute for any student. I have learn so much from IWP. I have done my 2 years course from IWP. Now I’m looking as a Fashion Designer in reputed Designer Studio Sammohini at Shahpur Jat from last 2 years.
Kamaljit Kaur
Shilpa V.J
Nursery Primary Teacher Training
IWP is a very nice and cool environment place. It was a very nice experience in this institute. All trainers and classes are very nice and beautiful. That was a great experience in this institute. I have trained this institute after. I will got good job at ‘R.P Memorial’ Sr. Sec. School Mohan Garden. Thanks all respected teachers.
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