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Interior Design of the best of the spaces and places are all about how we feel them and how they surround us. The level of congeniality, the presence of comfortability and the aura of amiability makes a successful Interior Designing project look complete in that particular house or place where it is implemented. If asked to explain what Interior Designing is, one would need to go and know from a variety of workers employed in the designing of the interiors (and even at times, exteriors). The range of workers like contractors, architects, craftsmen, engineers, furniture dealers and business and homeowners alongside interior designers acts together in bringing the best to the table not just for the client but also for the world to see.

More than art and science, Interior Designing is the work and magic of what can be turned into an aesthetically pleasing environment and within the advancement of one's vicinity. The very merit of one taking Interior Designing is to create synchronization between personalities, identities, and thoughts. And, there is no better place than home to get that happen. Interior designing or interior decorating is not just limited to home or personal spaces but also goes in the realms of official and professional spaces. Today, we all are living in the age of so much advancement, urbanization and digital-driven that, there are many Interior designers and Interior decorators who are working in irregular hours or often full time to complete the work of the client as soon as possible.

If you are dedicated, loyal and believe that interior designing is your passion, your calling and your only way to express betterment for the society then you must visit Interior Design Institute Delhi (IWP) International Women Polytechnic to join among various interior designers; both passionate and knowledgeable. With a reputable Interior Designing course, your life can change from being nowhere to somewhere. Also, chances of working with big, famous and well-known clients or even starting own firm of Interior Designing are very great. At our IWP Interior Design Institute Delhi, we have experienced teachers and wide informed guides to lead you across on the path of the successful career as an Interior Designing.

One may be wondering the work of Interior Designing would just be making the walls beautiful but that is the half side of the story. There are multiple aspects such as furnishings (both soft and hard), floor, walls, color preferences and other parts that encompass the interiority and subjectivity of the house with that of what a client wants. There is a big difference between what Interior Designing does that distinguishes them from normal work of home designer and that is how they make ambiance and atmosphere memorable and mesmerizing. Without planning, researching, coordinating, and management of such relative projects, no interior designer would succeed.

Another aspect noticed from various prestigious interior designers is that they have a sense of an open communication. The level of unreserved talk between the client and the interior designers just makes the end result become better where even the telling of what you disliked or never want it to arrive, gives complete freedom to the Interior designers and Interior decorators to optimize it as per one’s specifications.

The very need of interior designing has been from times when people were having their own space which goes back to 17th and 18th century. But, in today's times, it has become more divided and marginalized from architects. The arrival of Interior designers and Interior decorators has changed the landscape of how houses use to get themselves designed. The productive and constructive usage of space is the key USP of any Interior designer where they design just adds something useful to one's scenario. The art and craft take our emotions and feelings and brings us positivity and auspiciousness to the people in the house. The reality should be a version of the envisioned.

There is a huge demand for interior designers in the market that is not fulfilled. Thus, as a result, IWP (International Women Polytechnic) brings you Interior Designing course and to all others who want to make their living out of art, creativity, and personification. In our course, we train and guide students across various background to pick educational duration as per their need and budget. We provide Interior Designing course in three slots namely, 1 Year, 2 Years, and 3 Years. During these specific timings/durations, you are taught by our experts and veterans who have in-deep knowledge of what Interior Designing is and how one can shape their life by pursuing Interior Designing as their vocation. IWP has designed the curriculum in such a way that it is butter ride for students and learners to conceptualize Interior Designing all by their heart.

DURATION: 1 Year / 2 Years / 3 Years



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  • Interior Design Faculty
  • Consultants
  • Furniture Designer
  • Design Managers
  • Accessories Designer
  • Freelancers
  • Vaastu Consultant
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I have completed NPTT from International Women Polytechnic last year. After completing my course, got a call from "Tree House" school. All teachers were so cooperative. I have been taught with love and affection. All the teachers of the institute were very nice and understanding. I got the chance to learn new teaching strategies.

pooja chaddhaNursery Primary Teacher Training

Studying Fashion at IWP was an excellent way for me, I learned to express my ideas in unique, non-traditional ways and to find inspiration from places I'd never otherwise considered. The faculty at IWP are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They are down to earth, laid back and easy to get along with. Right from the start they throw exercises at us that were uncomfortable and forced us out of our comfort zone, but it made me better. They have high expectations of us and they made that evident. With their help and guidance along the way, I was able to produce work that is far better than any work I have produced in the past.

MEENUFashion Designer

I have completed NPTT from International Women Polytechnic last year. After completing my course, got a call from "Tree House" school. All teachers were so cooperative. I have been taught with love and affection. All the teachers of the institute were very nice and understanding. I got the chance to learn new teaching strategies.

POOJA CHADDHANursery Primary Teacher Training

IWP” provided me the option to study fashion designing in an open learning environment. The course was designed to broaden ideas about the industry and also give an opportunity to relay what was learn on a practical level. One of the significant advantages of the course was being taught by industry professionals who gave invaluable insight into the fashion world and business environment.The highlight of the course was interacting with various design students and going on a variety of excursions that defined my career direction and laid the groundwork in achieving success in the industry

RAVEENAFashion Designer

The Executive Steno course provided me with the challenge of learning new business skills from distinguished faculty while interacting with my peers. These skills have only served to enhance and complement my career


I applied to the Human Resource Management program because I heard how successful the graduates are and how professional the instructors are. Both students and staff at IWP have made me feel extremely welcome. Attending IWP has definitely been one of the best decisions I've ever made." Now I have my bright future as working as Office Coordinator in Lattice Inc.

TANVI SEHGALAdvertising Marketing

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